The Harnessed Hunters 

16th August, 2012

Australian males have compounding desire to travel far and wide. While on the working treadmill they can suppress this (nature of the beast) desire with other involvement like pandering to the demands of the offsprings,quelling the mortgage monster.                                        .

When retirement time appears near the horizon their bodies swell with excitement at being able to release the suppressed cave man hunter from within. Some have bodies that already swelled from overindulgence while being restrained in suburbia waiting for that ticket to freedom.

Hit the road and explore the unknown wilderness. Go on adventures across our huge land with constant updates to our mates who are stuck in suburbia in regulated routines. The pioneering spirit is awakened never to be suppressed again.
Where to begin? A motorized home is more the ticket than the old days of a swag and strong boots. This can be in the form of a camper trailer , caravan , motor-home or bus. A  bed plus cooking gear,a fridge and seat are the basic requirements. Us harnessed hunters are not in need of many luxuries, it's back to nature time.

What to take? First item in the kick-bag will be the fishing gear to catch our own tucker. I cant wait for fresh barra on the barbie. The civilized toys need a place of course - golf clubs, bowls, a few racquet's,bats. Then to free camp comes batteries,solar axe,bbq, lpg.

We're nearly loaded now but how are we going to wash our clothes? Keep kitchen cleanliness? Organise our finances? Share our indulgences?

The COOK we need her.

She's more interested in spoiling the grand kids than locating undiscovered lands. I'll win her over with creature comforts. We will travel with the BIG wardrobe and lots of cupboards. A thousand cooking appliances (might cull a few) a proper shower and respectable toilet. Music, TV , DVD. Microwave,stove HWS, air conditioner and an inner spring bed. A lounge and a dinette too.

Can a draw-bar be fitted to the house and we can just take it with us?

Weight and space are our new gods. Did Bourke and Wills cart two tonne of gear?

Suburbia has softened us all. We need home comforts, age hasn't  helped either.

Camper trailers will struggle to keep the COOK far from home. motor-homes can't explore new horizons. In our land a caravan is the answer. No thin canvas/vinyl to wet our bed, smell or tear.

Our dream can still  be realised with a 4wd. We can climb sand  dunes, try narrow dirt tracks, explore rugged outcrops, find hidden fishing holes. The caravan isn't looking too good after this though. Maybe a bullet proof caravan.

What are the weight and space gods saying now? Where do the cooks comforts go? Three tonne plus of caravan travelling thousands of kilometers whats going to fail first? the tow-car, the driver or the wallet?

With age wrestling a heavy caravan becomes harder. The tow-car wear and tear costs compound and the fuel cost escalate.

What do the weight gods say now? We can't downsize or where will the COOKS  comforts go to?  The road around Australia is tar all the way. Pat Farmer ran it. Why not travel with an on road lighter caravan and do day trips in the 4WD? Sure you may have to travel a bit extra on some occasions but the big picture says yes. The reality is, towing is not allowed on most tracks anyway.

The solution is now here. A world class caravan featuring more creature comforts than ever before. Gross weights of 1250kg for a 16ft to 1900kg max. for the flagship 22ft Conquerer. Monocoque construction gives them integrated strength just the same as your car. Big chassis's finished on most cars in the 60,s of last millennium. Nowadays SUV's and 4wd's are the same monocoque construction concept. keeping the tow-car and caravan both under 2 tonne makes for more travel ease.


Motor Dealers Licence 9078 - issued April 1985

MVRL - MVRL17671

Authorised Inspection Station - A52440

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