Weight is the single biggest issue for Caravans in Australia

June, 2012

When we leave our abode and do turtle impressions ie. mobile living we realise weight must be reduced but seldom to what extent.

How much does your home and contents weigh? 5 tonne, 7tonne, 10tonne, 12tonne, 15tonne, 20tonne? It is usually of little concern. When we travel it suddenly becomes a top priority. Kitchen appliances and utensils are not made with weight as at the top of the agenda either.

Cutting back on clothes and kitchen is hard at 30% but in a caravan it should be around 10% of your home needs.

Space  is also very precious.

Traveling also brings in some other concerns. Can I get my favorite foods elsewhere? At what price ? Maybe I'll take it with me .

Weather variations require a vast range of clothing When we travel buying needs and novelties can weigh down the van as well.

Experienced caravaners become self disciplined.

Common rules are you can't bring something in unless you take the equivalent out. Three strikes (ticks each of three trips) or its out.

You need to be very aware of GVM to unladen weights difference.

The folly of Tare weight is At WHAT STAGE OF FINISH WAS IT WEIGHED? Was the gas bottle fitted , spare wheel? Microwave? Awning? Annexe? Fire extinguisher? Air conditioner?  In Europe  MRO is used to work out what you can  carry . Manufacturers running order(MRO) includes  the filled gas bottles and all fitted appliances except for extras required by owners.

Retirees find on going costs hard with a limited income. Fuel is more expensive in the outback and larger vehicles usually have higher maintenance costs.
A lighter caravan requires a smaller tow car which returns benefits when not towing.



Motor Dealers Licence 9078 - issued April 1985

MVRL - MVRL17671

Authorised Inspection Station - A52440

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