Why not to buy European Caravans

June 2012

Can they handle Australian conditions?

We have many testimonials from Aussie owners who have transversed the country in Euro vans without fault. Owners are impressed with the ease of towing and ecstatic with the fuel economy. The comfort in outback cold chilly nights is a winner too. Any weather here is easily catered for.

Can I get parts insurance?

We are attuned to these fears. CIL insurance and many other companies are happy to accept Swift. Parts supply will be better than nearly all other makes. Being production line products part numbers are used like car parts. We have organised air freight special rates for small items. Large items will come in caravans which will be on a 6 week turnaround. There isn't enough ground clearance.

Most Aussie vans have a door that hangs down, water tanks and plumbing under the floor. Swift side skirts give the appearance of a lower height than there is. Water tanks are on board, as is plumbing  and electrics. There is more overhang from the axles and tandem models are assisted by the dura torque suspension limit to travel. Some single axle models do need to exit at angles from driveways and have rollers fitted to the back legs.

It can't go off road?

Correct.  Over 90% of caravaners do not need to take their caravan beyond the national park . Many owners are sorry they towed an extra tonne around Australia, struggled with heavy sway systems and high steps, Gerry cans of fuel when the big LAP is tar all the way. Setting the tow car up for day trips into the unknown is more logical.

I prefer to support the local industry who build for Australia.

I ask what parts of Aussie vans originate here? Chinese steel is standard, plys and timbers mostly are NZ or Indonesian, Quality appliances come from Europe. Those that are one piece fiberglass bodies are predominately china builds. plumbing and electrics have the same Asian heritage.  If the local products are so more suited where is their 10 year water ingress warranty? Try 'Caravaners Forum-Rogues Gallery' for Aussies talking about local brands.  There is little chance many makers would even consider a 10 year warranty, given one year is the industry standard. 

Quality is a SWIFT mark of pride. Structural warranty is 3 years minimum up to 10 years.

Motor Dealers Licence 9078 - issued April 1985

MVRL - MVRL17671

Authorised Inspection Station - A52440

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